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Licensure by Endorsement

Endorsement Application

Please be advised: The endorsement application is not yet optimized for mobile devices.
As a result, we recommend using a desktop computer.

Endorsement to obtain a North Carolina license from another state

Fee Information:

Fees for application for Licensure by Endorsement: $150.00


Valid forms of payment:

  • Credit or debit card; MasterCard or Visa only 

After successful completion (including approval of payment), your confirmation number will be shown. You will then have the option to print the confirmation for your records and official payment receipt.

Notice: Please read all information before starting the application process. The link for the application is located at the bottom of this page.

A Criminal Background Check is required

All applicants must complete a criminal background check prior to the issuance of a license.

North Carolina Residents Only:

If you reside in North Carolina, use LiveScan to obtain and transmit your digital fingerprints electronically to the SBI/FBI. LiveScan is only available to applicants living in North Carolina. To access instructions and required forms for LiveScan click here.

Out-of-State Residents:

If you reside in another state or country, North Carolina Board of Nursing issued fingerprint cards and instructions will be mailed directly to you following submission of your application for licensure. Fingerprinting must be performed by trained law enforcement personnel. Contact your local sheriff or police office for assistance and additional details.

Verification of your original and current (if different from original) nursing license is required

How to request verification(s):

  1. NURSYS participating states click here 
  2. Non NURSYS participating states use verification forms provided on your confirmation page

Nurse Licensure Compact

Click here for Multi-State Compact Information to determine your eligibility to seek licensure in North Carolina.

Additional Information

Upon completion of your online application, the necessary forms will be printed with your confirmation.

Permanent Licensure:

For permanent licensure, you must provide the NC Board of Nursing verification of your original nursing license via Part II; and (if different from original) your most current nurse license via Part III or These forms will be included in the printable documents at the end of this online application.

Submission Information

To submit an application for endorsement, please access the Endorsement Application located under 'Licenses/Certificates' once you're logged in to your Nurse Gateway profile.

After submission of your application:

  1. Print all required forms as directed on your confirmation page 
  2. Endorsement process takes 6-8 weeks to complete 
  3. Status of your application can be checked on our website beginning two business days after submission of application 
  4. If process not completed within one year, you will be required to submit another application and fee
  5. A one-time, non-renewable temporary nursing license can be requested in the application process.

Once all requirements for endorsement are met and reviewed, a certificate of registration and a license will be issued.

Computer Requirements and Conditions:

  • Printer along with Adobe Reader 
  • Your browser must be set to accept cookies
  • Pop-up blockers disabled or temporarily allow pop ups for this application 
  • Have Javascript enabled 
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher with compatibility mode activated
  • Application will time-out after 20 minutes of inactivity

WARNING: For security reasons, be sure to exit the application when you have completed and submitted your request. The NC Board of Nursing cannot be held responsible for unauthorized access to information you have entered in the browser if you do not exit this application.

Please be advised: The endorsement application is not yet optimized for mobile devices.
As a result, we recommend using a desktop computer.

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