North Carolina Board of Nursing


Licensure by Endorsement

US Military Graduate Requirements

Approved US Military Programs

The North Carolina Board of Nursing supports military personnel and veterans experiencing career transitions.  Currently, the graduates of three military practical nursing programs meet North Carolina educational requirements for endorsement as LPN. 

  1. Army Practical Nursing (68WM6)
  2. Army MOS 68C Practical Nursing
  3. Air Force Practical Nursing Technology Associate Degree (7GAL)

These three programs are the only military nursing education programs that currently meet both the academic and practicum criteria required by the North Carolina Nursing Practice Act and licensed practical nurse (LPN) education standards

Graduates of all other US Military Programs who have been licensed by examination in another jurisdiction should contact endorsement at for specific requirements.

Graduates of all other US Military Programs that have not passed NCLEX may be eligible to list as a Nurse Aide II.