North Carolina Board of Nursing


Licensure by Examination


Any applicant that is unsuccessful with NCLEX may take subsequent examinations.  The frequency of testing is determined by National Council State Boards of Nursing. There is a 45 day waiting period to retest. Applicants can schedule an exam, but will be unable to reserve a test date earlier than the 46th day after the last examination date.

Prior to each reexamination, candidates are required to obtain an Authorization to Test (ATT). To obtain an authorization, the following must be completed:

Re-exam applicants of international programs must provide a valid English Proficiency Report that includes scores equivalent to NCBON requirements.

RN testing for PN

Candidates that are unsuccessful with the first NCLEX-RN attempt are eligible to test for NCLEX-PN.  Candidates interested in this testing option must complete the NCBON online sponsored workshop, Understanding the Scope of Practice and Role of the LPN.

RN candidates testing for the NCLEX-PN are not required to wait 45 days prior to testing on the first PN attempt. All RN candidates testing for NCLEX-PN will need to enter US19909900 as the Program Code for both NCBON & Pearson Vue.