North Carolina Board of Nursing



Reinstatement Requirements

Reinstatement / Reactivation

If you were licensed previously in NC and wish to obtain licensure again in NC, you need to apply for reinstatement of that license. If your license just recently lapsed because you failed to renew on or before the expiration date and you need a current active license, you need to apply for reinstatement of your license. Note: because your license is not current, the right to practice nursing in North Carolina is forfeited unless you hold a multi-state nursing license from another compact state. If a nurse practices nursing with a lapsed license, disciplinary action may be taken.

To reinstate/reactivate your NC nursing license:

  1. Complete the on-line application. A valid credit or debit card (VISA or MasterCard) or checking or savings account is accepted for payment of the reinstatement application fee.
  2. Complete all Continuing Competence requirements. Additional information is available here: Continuing Competence.
  3. Complete a criminal background check if your NC license has expired 6 months or more.  LiveScan is only available to applicants living in North Carolina.  If you reside in another state or country, the criminal background check packet will be mailed to you following submission of your application for reinstatement.
  4. If your NC nursing license has lapsed for five years or longer, you will be required to take a Board-approved refresher course or provide evidence of active licensure in another state or jurisdiction within the past five years. Additional information on refresher courses, is available here.
  5. Must not hold a current license, nor declare another compact state as a primary residence. Click here for Multi-State Compact Information to determine your eligibility to seek licensure in North Carolina.

Licenses expire on your birth month. On-time renewal of licensure will be for two (2) years and will expire the last day of your birth month. For reinstatement of a license, licensure may be for less than two (2) years in order to place the expiration on the birth month.

If you are requesting reinstatement following disciplinary action, call (919) 782-3211 ext. 271.