North Carolina Board of Nursing

Nursing Education

Medication Aide Curriculum

Certification as RN Instructor

  1. Have a current, unrestricted license to practice as a registered nurse in North Carolina or have multi-state licensure privilege
  2. Have had at least 2 years of practice experience as a registered nurse that includes medication administration
  3. Have successfully completed a 16 hour instructor training program approved by the Board and provided by a Medication Aide Master Teacher
  4. Maintain Board of Nursing certification as a medication aide instructor (must be renewed every 2 years at the time of RN license renewal)

Process of applying for Med Aide Instructor Certification to the NCBON

The NCBON will send a certification letter, which includes the Instructor Identification Number, to Med Aide RN Instructor.

The RN must apply to the Board of Nursing to be certified as a med aide instructor and receive an Instructor Identification Number PRIOR to teaching a medication aide class.