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NA II Competency Assessment Requirements

All NA IIs as defined in 21NCAC 36.0403(b) must be listed on the North Carolina Board of Nursing Nurse Aide II Registry. NA II listing must be renewed with the Board of Nursing on or before the listing period expiration date. There is no grace period, and once the NA II Listing expires, it will not be renewed unless the NA II successfully passes a Competency Assessment or completes an entire NA II course.

The North Carolina Board of Nursing has developed the following guidelines for approved NA II Programs that wish to offer NA II Competency Assessment.

NA II Eligibility for Competency Assessment

The NA II is eligible for competency assessment in one of two ways:

  1. The NA II must have been eligible for renewal of NA II Listing prior to the listing expiration.
    • The NA II must have worked at least eight hours for compensation during the past 24 months performing nursing care activities under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.
    • The NA II must have no substantiated findings of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of funds on the DHSR Nurse Aide Registry.
  2. The NA II has had a continuous period of 24 months during which nursing care activities were not performed for monetary compensation, but patient care activities were performed for compensation.
Note: If the NA II does not meet either of the above criteria, an entire NA II course must be completed.

Program Competency Assessment Considerations

  • Competency Assessment is available ONLY for those NA IIs who have an expired NA II listing and meet all eligibility requirements in #1 or #2 above.
  • The Program must be approved by the North Carolina Board of Nursing to offer NA II Competency Assessment.
  • Competency assessment requirements do not include assessment of the didactic portion of the course; however, all of the NA II Skills identified on the NA II Task List must be assessed and successfully completed for the NA II to be determined competent in the required skills. This assessment may take place in the skills lab, in simulation, in a patient care setting, or a combination of these.
  • The NA II must be evaluated by an NCBON approved NA II instructor. If the assessment takes place in a patient care setting, the instructor must DIRECTLY supervise the NA II at all times.
  • Competency Assessment does not require that the program provide any study guide or remediation. If study guides or remediation are offered, they must be offered in a consistent manner to all persons who apply for competency assessment.
  • If an applicant is unable to successfully complete the competency assessment, completion of an entire NA II course is required, and the person should be referred to a NCBON-approved NA II program.
  • The fee charged for competency assessment is the discretion of the program and not determined by the NCBON.

Competency Assessment Program Application