North Carolina Board of Nursing

Nursing Practice

Certified Reg. Nurse Anesthetist

General Information


Completion of a Master of Science Degree in Nursing or graduate level anesthesia program accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia. Mandatory national certification examination, continuing education, and recertification required.

What they do

In this oldest of the advanced practice registered nurse roles, CRNAs conduct:

  • Pre-anesthesia preparation and evaluation of the client, 
  • Administer anesthesia, and 
  • Manage post-anesthesia recovery.

CRNAS collaborate with anesthesiologists, physicians, dentists, and/or podiatrists, in almost every setting in which anesthesia is given – operating rooms, doctor’s offices, ambulatory surgical settings.

Employment options

CRNAs in North Carolina are salaried or self-employed. Their services are reimbursable by most insurance.

Who regulates

Board of Nursing