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Logo for Employer Notification SystemThe Nurse Employer Notification System is now available.

This subscription service is specifically designed to provide employers accurate and real time licensure and listing information.

Employer Notification System (ENS) is an annual subscription service providing license/listing verification and notification for the following:

  • Permanent and Temporary RN/LPN
  • NA II
  • Nurse Practitioner, CRNA, Midwife, CNS (APRN)
  • RN/LPN working in North Carolina on another compact state license

How can ENS benefit you?

  • Provides accurate licensure information
  • Saves staff time
  • Ensures organization protection via "real time" alerts such as suspension, probation and reprimands
  • Provides public protection via timely and critical nurse licensure information

Who can benefit from ENS?

Hospitals, educational institutions, nursing homes, staffing agencies, and others can rely on ENS for verification of nursing license status.


  • Subscribers submit a list of licensees to the NC Board of Nursing in a spreadsheet format which is uploaded into ENS or employers can choose to enter licensee data directly into ENS
  • Subscriber technical assistance and data import/cleansing are available
  • Subscriptions are renewed annually

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