Investigation & Resolution
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Investigation Process

When the Board receives a complaint a determination is made as to whether or not the Board has jurisdiction and whether or not reported allegation(s) violate existing laws or regulations that govern a nurse's practice. Once affirmed the complaint is assigned to an investigator.

The Investigator's role is to collect and report facts in a fair and impartial manner. If the alleged violation poses a substantial threat to the public, the license is flagged on our website and NURSYS to alert prospective employers that the Board is conducting an investigation.

A nurse has the right to respond to the allegations (Licensee Rights) or to decline participation and to have no contact with the Investigator. However, if a nurse declines participation, decisions will be based on the evidence collected. Failure to respond will not deter the Board from continuing the investigation. The process used to investigate and act on a complaint may vary. It may take a number of weeks to months depending upon the complexity and seriousness of the alleged conduct.

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