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Legal Scope of Practice Online Course (Nursing Program Directors)

The purpose of this course is to provide information and clarification regarding the legal scope of practice for nurses in North Carolina. This self-paced online course provides a basic understanding of nursing regulation and the parameters of practice for all levels of nursing personnel. It contrasts the scopes of the Registered Nurse and Licensed Practical Nurse and provides examples of “exceeding” one’s scope.

The course is divided into an introduction and five chapters. Handout material can be downloaded and reviewed prior to logging on to begin the course. You must register with the Board to receive a confirmation number, which will be valid for 3 weeks of unlimited access. You may exit the course at any time and complete it at your own pace.

Read the following handouts

The following documents and pages provide information that will be of assistance in completing the Legal Scope of Practice Course:

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    Legal Scope of Practice Online Course

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