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Approval of Program Expansion

  1. Consult with College / University Representatives
    Nursing program desiring expansion consults with appropriate College/University representatives to identify additional campus resources needed to support expansion and time frame for securing resources. Examples of additional resources which might be needed include funding; faculty; support services; instructional equipment/supplies; learning resources; and office, lab, and classroom facilities.
  2. Contact Clinical Resources
    Nursing program desiring expansion makes contact with clinical resource(s), new and/or existing, to negotiate proposed rotation schedules needed to support the increase in numbers of students, and secure agreement. Complete the proposed rotation schedule and secure the clinical resource signature on the appropriate form. For an agency used within the last two years by a generic nursing program, complete the Clinical Rotation for Program Expansion form.
  3. Submit Complete Nursing Program Application For Expansion To Education Consultant At Least 30 Days Prior To Proposed Date Of Expansion
  4. Consultant Reviews Application In Relation To Law And Standards, Requests Any Needed Clarification, And Approves As Appropriate.
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