Data Requests & Application
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  • A data request will result in a list of records (dataset) containing only nurses who are active and in good standing
    Information pertaining to discipline of a nurse cannot be requested
  • Social Security numbers and telephone numbers are not included in the data
  • Licensees are responsible for updating their name and address information. Therefore, the accuracy of the data on record with North Carolina Board of Nursing cannot be guaranteed by North Carolina Board of Nursing
  • Data is current as of the time the data request is completed by North Carolina Board of Nursing
The North Carolina Board of Nursing provides a service for the purchase of licensure data for any of the following:


  • Registered Nurses ($430.00)
  • Licensed Practical Nurses ($330.00)
  • Nurse Aide II ($275.00)
  • All Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (Includes Nurse Practitioners, Certified Nurse Midwives, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and Clinical Nurse Specialists) ($225.00)
    • Fees include handling charge and appropriate sales tax
    • Payment Options: Credit or Debit Card (MasterCard or Visa) or Check

Data Elements

File Format and Method of Delivery:
  • The file format will be Comma Separated Variable (CSV) or Excel Workbook (.XLSX) file which can be manipulated by Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calc or other spreadsheet software. Each different dataset will result in a separate file. For example, all Licensed Practical Nurses will be in a separate file from the Registered Nurses if you request both datasets.
  • File(s) will be emailed
  • Allow up to 5 to 10 business days for delivery of the data
  • Complete Data Request Fillable Forms
  • Review and Sign Terms of Agreement
  • Mail correct payment amount along with Data Request Form, signed Terms of Agreement and invoice to North Carolina Board of Nursing

Once the above items are received, your dataset will be sent within five business days.

Questions regarding Data Requests may be emailed to Data Requests using the Contact Us Form.

Data Request Forms

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