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General Information

Dates to Remember:
  • Nomination Validation: January 1 – April 1
  • Candidate Qualification: April 1 - April 15
  • Vote!: July 1 - August 15

North Carolina is the only state in the nation that elects the majority of nurses to its Board. Eleven of the fourteen members are elected by nurses holding valid North Carolina nursing licenses. Each year the Board conducts an election to fill open seats.

It is estimated that an average of 30 days per year is required to carry out the duties of the Board. There may be additional time required depending upon Committee assignments and participation in other Board-related activities. The estimated time does not include travel to and from meetings or meeting preparation.

Upon election or appointment, members participate in orientation beginning mid-September and continuing through December prior to taking the Oath of Office in January of the following year. New members should anticipate traveling to the Board office a minimum of 5 to 7 days during the orientation process.

View the video to see what past and current members have to say about serving on the Board of Nursing.


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The minimum requirements for a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse to seek election to the Board and to maintain the position are as follows:

  • Hold a current unencumbered license to practice in North Carolina
  • Declare North Carolina as the primary state of residence
  • Have a minimum of five years experience in nursing
  • Have been engaged continuously in a position that meets the criteria for the specified Board position, for at least three years immediately preceding the election

Minimum on-going employment requirements for both Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses shall include continuous employment equal to or greater than 50% of a full-time position that meets the criteria for the specified Board member position.


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Nomination forms must be completed and postmarked on or before April 1st.

Guidelines for submitting a nomination:

  • Registered Nurses can petition only for Registered Nurse nominations and Licensed Practical Nurses can petition only for Licensed Practical Nurse nominations
  • Only petitions submitted on the nomination form will be considered. Photocopies or faxes are not acceptable
  • The certificate number of the nominee and each petitioner must be listed on the form
  • Names and certificate numbers (for each petitioner) must be legible and accurate
  • Each petition shall be verified with the records of the Board to validate that each nominee and petitioner holds appropriate North Carolina licensure
  • If the license of the nominee is not current, the petition shall be declared invalid
  • If the license of any petitioner listed on the nomination form is not current, and that finding decreases the number of petitioners to fewer than ten, the petition shall be declared invalid
  • The envelope containing the petition must be postmarked on or before April 1st for the nominee to be considered for candidacy. Petitions received after January 1st and before April 1st will be processed upon receipt

Once the nomination form has been validated, the nominee will complete a candidate packet validating their qualification as a candidate for election as outlined in Law and Rules. The completed candidate packet must be received or postmarked by April 15th. Any candidate packets received after April 15th are declared invalid.

State Ethics Act

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In accordance with State Government Ethics Act (§ Chapter 138A ), all elected officials are required to complete a Statement of Economic Interest Form (SEI) upon election or appointment to the Board. The Ethics Commission reviews the SEI for any potential or perceived conflicts. Once approved by the Ethics Commission, elected and appointed members are required to complete an ethics training course within six (6) months.

All elected and appointed members are required to submit an annual SEI form for the duration of their term of office and complete a refresher ethics training course every two (2) years.


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Participating in the election is a significant way to influence the decisions that affect your nursing practice in North Carolina. You can vote from any location… work, home, even out-of-state!

The process is quick and easy. The Board has opened your "Gateway" for easier access!

  1. Login to your Nurse Gateway portal
  2. Locate the Election logo (Your Vote Counts)
  3. Select 'View Candidates'
  4. Select the candidate photo to cast your vote

Voting is now open and lasts until midnight, August 15. Full Bio's and Responses of the Slate of Candidates can be found on the Nurse Gateway. Log on to view the slate of candidates and cast your vote.

Registered Nurse - APRN
  • Alzora Benjamin
  • Courtney Carr
  • Barbara Black
  • John Brion
  • Paul Packard
  • LaDonna Thomas
  • Glenda Parker
  • LaToya McCurdy
  • Sarah Tallent
  • Jimmy (Lee) Thompson
  • Amy Mangum
  • Maria Colandrea
  • Kristie Hertel
  • Stacy Yancey
  • John Wallace
  • Melissa Coble
Registered Nurse - Staff Nurse
  • Michelle Edwards
  • Barbara Spencer
  • Kimberly McKnight
  • Edna Ennis
  • Ann Marie Patterson-Powell
  • Juli Pankow
Registered Nurse - PN Educator
  • Lora Bartlett

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