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When on a computer, the North Carolina Board of Nursing website is best viewed in a newer Internet browser.
These browsers do support the latest encryption standards:

If none of these browsers are available for your computer, you may need to first upgrade your operating system.


The North Carolina Board of Nursing provides links to documents in a number of formats. Some will require Microsoft Office software like Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Many documents are simply Adobe PDF files which can be opened using a common plug-in called Adobe Reader. If you do not have this plugin then download Adobe Reader for free.

Pop-up Blocker

When you click on a link that opens another website, pop-up blockers may block the new tab to the website. This depends on your browser settings.

You can allow once or disable all pop-up blockers. Many add-on toolbars, including Google and Yahoo, also have pop-up blockers that you may need to turn off.

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