Monitoring Programs for Nurses

Intervention Program (IP)

The Intervention Program is a voluntary alternative to disciplinary action for a nurse who:

  • Submits a random or pre-employment drug screen which tests positive for a controlled substance that the nurse is not legitimately prescribed.
  • Has multiple convictions for Driving While Impaired (DWI).
  • Has not been diagnosed with a substance use disorder.

The primary objective of the IP is to protect the public by monitoring nurses who may abuse substances.


An eligible nurse may enroll in the IP by signing a consent order prepared by the Board agreeing to the facts of the case and terms for participation.

Successful Completion

Participants must be successfully monitored by the Board for a period of 1 continuous year of random drug screening.


Failure to comply with the program conditions may result in termination of participation and suspension of the license for a minimum of 1 year. Unsuccessful participants must submit evidence of a minimum period of compliance with random drug screening, an addictionologist evaluation and submit additional documentation prior to applying for reinstatement before the Licensure Review Panel.

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Last Changed: 5-March-2024