Nurse Aides

Nurse Aide II

The role of Nurse Aide II is an “unlicensed assistive personnel" position for which an individual has completed a program approved by the North Carolina Board of Nursing (NCBON) and passed an examination to be listed on the Nurse Aide II registry.  The NCBON approves Nurse Aide II (NAII) Educational Programs, develops the curriculum for NAII training, and maintains the NAII Registry. All concerns/complaints regarding Nurse Aides (I or II) are made to the Division of Health Service Regulation.

Roles of Unlicensed Personnel

21 NCAC 36.0403 Qualifications

21 NCAC 36.0404 Listing and Renewal

NAII Teaching Modules

NAII Course Guidelines

NAII Courses

NAII Competency Assessment Requirements

NAII Competency Assessment Courses

Last Changed: 14-May-2024