Board Fees

Fee Schedule

Criminal Background Check$38.00 
CRNA Verification$25.00 
Data Requestsvariable
    Registered Nurses ($475.00) 
    Licensed Practical Nurses ($350.00) 
    Nurse Aide II ($300.00) 
    Advanced Practice Registered Nurse ($250.00): 
            NP Only ($175.00) 
            CNM Only ($75.00) 
            CRNA Only ($25.00) 
            CNS Only ($10.00) 
    Additional Customization ($50.00) 
Endorsement into state - RN & LPN $150.00 
Examination - initial - RN & LPN $75.00 
Examination - repeat - RN & LPN $75.00 
Limited Liability Company-Initial Registration$50.00 
Limited Liability Company-Renewal$25.00 
Medication Aide Instructor Recognition$25.00 
Nurse Aide Initial Listing $24.00 
Nurse Aide Renewal (2 years)$24.00 
Nurse Practitioner Approval to Practice$100.00 
Nurse Practitioner Renewal$50.00 
Nurse Practitioner Volunteer - Initial $20.00 
Nurse Practitioner Volunteer Renewal$10.00 
Nurse Practitioner Registration$25.00 
Professional Corp Fee-Initial Registration$50.00 
Professional Corp Fee-Renewal of Certificate$25.00 
Reinstatement of lapsed license (RN & LPN)$180.00 
Renewal of License - RN & LPN (2 years)$100.00 
Retired Nurse Status$30.00 
Returned Check Fee$35.00 
Verification to International Licensing Board$25.00 
Verification (VISA Screens/Case Manager cert.)$15.00 
Last Changed: 23-February-2024