Filing a Complaint

Public Complaints

The Board evaluates all complaints to ensure public protection. All allegations are evaluated with respect to jurisdiction, risk to the public and the circumstances leading to the reported incident/event.

N.C.G.S. (North Carolina General Statute) § 90-171.47

The North Carolina Board of Nursing does NOT regulate the following categories:
The Board is responsible for ensuring that only competent licensed nurses are allowed to practice nursing. If you believe that a nurses’ performance is incompetent, negligent or unsafe, you have a right and responsibility to file a complaint with the Board. It is always better if the report is made close to the time of the event. Locating witnesses and finding documents is more difficult as time passes thus impeding the effectiveness of the investigation.

Complaints should be submitted on the complaint form and include your name and contact information though anonymous complaints will be accepted. The investigator will do all he/she can to protect your anonymity; however, if there are charges brought against the nurse, you may be required to testify. The nurse has the right to contest and therefore would have the right to question the source of information at an Administrative Hearing. All complainants who provide their contact information are notified of the final outcome of their complaint. 

Complaint Portal

Last Changed: 14-March-2024