Upgrade to Multi-State License

To be eligible for a multistate license you must meet the NLC ULRs

If you meet all the ULRs and would like to update your NC RN/LPN to multistate please reach out via email to for assistance, include in your email one of the proofs of residency from the list below.

  • Official proof of residence which contains primary state of residence include:
  • Current driver's license 
  • Voter registration 
  • Federal income tax return (Please redact any socials or banking information) 
  • W2 from US government or any bureau, division or agency thereof indicating declared state of residence (Please redact the social) 
  • Military Form No. 2058

If you have not completed a background check since a reinstatement application has been submitted or since 2018, the institution of the current NLC a background check will be required.

Last Changed: 22-February-2024