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FAQ | Verify a NC License

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How often is the site information updated?

The information for license verification is real-time.

I can’t seem to get a result and I am entering the correct license number. What should I do?

Try searching first and last name.

I am getting a result but there are 3 different people listed on the results page?

You have selected to search by last name. Select 'Display Information' to view the details of each of the names listed.

My name search shows 25 nurses but I don’t see the nurse I am searching for?

The webpage is designed to show 25 names. Try to refine your search by using first name and/or city of residence.

How soon will my license show on the verification after I am newly licensed in North Carolina?

Immediately after your license is issued by the North Carolina Board of Nursing.

What is the Nurse Practitioner approval number?

The Nurse Practitioner’s approval number is a unique number assigned to the Nurse Practitioner at the time of initial approval.

How can I verify a nurse practicing on a multi-state Compact License?

Visit NURSYS to verify a nurse practicing on a multi-state Compact license.

Can I verify a Nurse Practitioner who holds a South Carolina (or another Compact State) license?

Yes, the Nurse Practitioner information will be shown on the North Carolina Board of Nursing license verification if they have approval to practice in North Carolina BUT you must use NURSYS to verify the Registered Nurse license.

Last Changed: 4-March-2024