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North Carolina Board of Nursing Privacy Statement

North Carolina Board of Nursing (NCBON) is committed to protecting your privacy and developing technology that gives you the most powerful and secure online experience. This Statement of Privacy applies to the NCBON website and all other NCBON-related social media sites. This privacy statement also governs data collection and usage. By using the NCBON website or social media sites, you consent to the data practices described in this statement. 

Collection of your Personal Information

NCBON may collect personally identifiable information (PII) and other data. We may also gather anonymous demographic data such as zip codes, age, gender, preferences, and interests. Computer hardware and software information, such as IP addresses, browser kinds, domain names, access times, and referring website addresses, may also be collected to improve your online experience. This data is gathered to:

  • Operate and maintain the quality of our services.
  • Provide data and analytics to help us improve our website and communications.

Public Messages

Please keep in mind that any personally identifying information or personally sensitive material posted through public messages or comments to the NCBON website, YouTube, Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn, or other interactive forums may be subject to public records requests and collected by NCBON and others.

Responsibility for Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement only applies to the NCBON website ( and its related family sites, which may include the NCBON Website, NCBON FacebookNCBON LinkedInNCBON Twitter (X)NCBON Instagram, and NCBON YouTube. The privacy practices and policies stated in this statement are exclusively the responsibility of NCBON.

External Links

For your convenience, our website may contain links to other websites. These links are provided for your convenience and do not imply endorsements of these websites or their content. NCBON is not responsible for the privacy practices, policies, or content of websites that are not affiliated with NCBON or its family of websites. Please examine and analyze this updated information in conjunction with NCBON's general Privacy Statement. Check that the specific family sites and their URLs are specified correctly. Consult with your legal counsel to verify compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Personal Information Usage

To administer the website and provide the services you have requested, the NCBON collects Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This data is used for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that our website functions properly and to provide you with the services you have requested.
  • To notify you about NCBON and its affiliates, products, or services that may be of interest to you.
  • To contact you for survey and research purposes, to get your feedback on current and planned services.
  • To collect information that will allow us to deliver personalized content and experiences.

Please be aware that submitting PII to NCBON via the website is subject to the North Carolina Public Records Act. As a result, in response to a public records request made under this act, certain material may be subject to disclosure. While we make every effort to preserve your privacy, NCBON is bound by law to comply with this requirement, and some information may be released to a member of the public. Other federal and state laws and regulations control the release of PII relating to individuals requesting or receiving services via NCBON in addition to the North Carolina Public Records Act. These rules and regulations may have an impact on how your information is collected, utilized, and shared to ensure legal compliance.

Use of Cookies

When you visit our website, NCBON uses cookies to improve your online experience. This section will explain how we use cookies, what cookies are, where they are stored, and the measures in place to protect your privacy. While you access our website, our web server sends small text files to your device (computer, smartphone, or tablet). These files, which are kept on the hard drive of your device, include information that allows us to recognize and remember your preferences and activity on our website. Cookies are a necessary tool that enables us to optimize your experience when using our online services.

Purpose of Cookies

Cookies are typically used to personalize and improve your online experience. Cookies are used for a variety of purposes on the NCBON website, including:

  • Personalization: Cookies allow us to customize the material you see based on your preferences, making your contact with our website more pleasant and efficient.
  • Analytical Data: We collect anonymous data about how users navigate our website using cookies. This data allows us to study and enhance our online services.

It should be noted that cookies cannot be used to launch programs or send viruses to your device. They are safe and pose no security risk to your data. Furthermore, the cookies we utilize are unique to each user and can only be read by our web server within the domain from which the cookie was issued. This ensures that your information is kept private and not available to third parties. The use of cookies is entirely up to you. You can control the usage of cookies by configuring your browser to accept, reject, or prompt you before accepting cookies. Please keep in mind, however, that refusing cookies may restrict your access to interactive elements and the full experience of NCBON services or websites.

By using the NCBON website, you agree to the use of cookies under this Privacy Statement.

Security of your Personal Information

The NCBON is concerned about the protection of your personal information. We are committed to preventing unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse of your data. This section describes the security methods and processes we use to protect your Personally Identifiable Information (PII). 

  • Secure Environment: A controlled, and secure environment is used to store, process, and manage all personal information. Industry-standard technical measures are used to protect your password.
  • Data Encryption: We use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to protect and encrypt sensitive information such as credit card data. This industry-standard encryption technique is used to keep private and secure any data shared between your device and our servers while in transit.

NCBON Community Guidelines

Our goal is to promote an inclusive, polite, and open online community. We have developed several fundamental principles for involvement to foster positive discourse.

You acknowledge that by using this website or social media page, you are consenting to abide by the following rules:

  • Be civil and considerate. Don't speak in a crude, disrespectful, threatening, or harassing manner. It is unacceptable to engage in personal assaults, racism, sexism, or any other type of discrimination.
  • Posting unlawful, pornographic, or other unsuitable information is prohibited. Graphic violence, unlawful activity, private information, and infringements on intellectual property are only a few examples of what this encompasses.
  • Avoid spamming and making unrelated or off-topic comments. Remain focused and make a significant contribution to the conversation.
  • Observe all relevant laws and rules. Posting anything online or taking part in actions that break municipal, state, federal, or international law is prohibited.
  • Observe trademarks and copyrights. Posting anything that violates the intellectual property rights of others is prohibited.
  • Never pretend to be someone else or misrepresent your affiliation. Be open and honest about your origins and identity.
  • Never divulge another person's personal information without that person's permission. Respect the privacy of others.

The NCBON web community and social media pages should be primarily used to facilitate professional and courteous discussion on subjects that are presented by the NCBON. Opinions or viewpoints unrelated to the stated topics should not be expressed on this site. Please limit your comments to the material that NCBON has released. Comments that the NCBON administrators deem improper or irrelevant may be hidden or removed at their discretion.

Changes to this Statement

This Privacy Statement may be amended by the NCBON. If the Statement is amended, it may grant NCBON freedom to use the personal data that has already been gathered. Check our Privacy Statement periodically for updates and to understand how we gather, utilize, and distribute personal data. You agree to the terms of our updated Privacy Statement if you keep using our website. If you have any inquiries or worries concerning modifications to our Privacy Statement and privacy policies, you can reach us by visiting the NCBON website and you can view our privacy statement at the Privacy Statement page.

Contact Information

Please contact us if you have any questions or complaints regarding our privacy statement or our privacy practices at our Contact Information page.

Comments on this Privacy Statement are appreciated. Please use the URL above to get in touch with us if you have any feedback or ideas on how we can make it better. We firmly believe in being open and honest about how we gather, utilize, and distribute personal data. Your advice enables us to achieve that aim. Please visit our Contact Us page with any additional questions you may have about our website or services. We appreciate you taking the time to read and comprehend our privacy statement. We hope that when you use and engage with our website, this lays the groundwork for a trustworthy relationship.

Last Changed: 21-March-2024