Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ | Licensure by Endorsement

How can I apply for Endorsement?

You will create an account on the Nurse Portal and submit the Endorsement application located at the top menu heading titled “Applications.”

You will need the following info to apply:

  1. Name, location and year of graduation of your basic school of nursing
  2. State, year and license number of original license by examination
  3. State of current license and license number
  4. Dates of employment and position(s) held for last two (2) nursing employers
  5. Social Security number issued by U.S. Social Security Administration
  6. Official Verification from original state of license and, if different, last state practiced.
  7. Completion of criminal Background Check/fingerprinting process.
How do I check the status of my Endorsement application?

You may check your application status via the application check list located in the Nurse Portal.

Which of my nursing licenses will need to be verified?

Verification of your original and current (if different from original) nursing license is required.

How to request verification:

NURSYS: Most states participate in the online verification database. Visit and select “Request Verification” located in the green box on their home page.

  • Search for your license
  • Select license to be verified
  • Check North Carolina (NC) as the state to receive the verification on step #2
  • Complete payment process and print receipt

The fee to verify a license(s) is $30.00.

NON-NURSYS: If your original and/or current state of licensure does not participate in NURSYS (CA, MI, PA, Canada, other countries), please contact your Board to request the verification to be sent directly to the NCBON. 

If I have just had a Criminal Background Check completed, do I have to do another for your Board?

Yes.  The fingerprints submitted to other agencies cannot be used by the North Carolina Board of Nursing to obtain criminal history records from the State and Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Can a temporary license be extended or reissued?

No. A Temporary License is valid for up to six (6) months only or until the permanent license has been issued (whichever comes first) and can only be issued once per lifetime.  A temporary license can only be issued within the first six (6) months of submitting the endorsement application.  Hard copy fingerprints are required in order to receive a temporary license.


Can I receive a temporary license if I hold a multistate license in another compact state?

No.  Temporary licenses can only be issued to those who hold active licenses in a non-compact state or single state only licenses in a compact state.

Can I declare another compact state as my primary state of residence and still obtain a NC nursing license?

No. If you are eligible for compact licensure in your primary state of resident, you must obtain licensure there.

How long will my license be effective?

13-24 months. 

Licenses must be renewed every two years. Your license expires the last day of your birth month. Initial, reinstatement or lapsed licenses may expire within 13-24 months, to align with the two-year renewal cycle. 

How do I change my address?

All address changes can be submitted online via the Nurse Portal.

Last Changed: 18-March-2024