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Participating in the election is a significant way to influence the decisions that affect your nursing practice in North Carolina. You can vote from any location… work, home, even out-of-state!

The process is quick and easy. The Board has opened your "Gateway" for easier access!

  1. Login to your Nurse Gateway portal
  2. Locate the Election logo (Your Vote Counts)
  3. Select 'View Candidates'
  4. Select the candidate photo to cast your vote

Voting is now open and lasts until midnight, August 15. Full Bio's and Responses of the Slate of Candidates can be found on the Nurse Gateway. Log on to view the slate of candidates and cast your vote.

Registered Nurse - APRN
  • Alzora Benjamin
  • Courtney Carr
  • Barbara Black
  • John Brion
  • Paul Packard
  • LaDonna Thomas
  • Glenda Parker
  • LaToya McCurdy
  • Sarah Tallent
  • Jimmy (Lee) Thompson
  • Amy Mangum
  • Maria Colandrea
  • Kristie Hertel
  • Stacy Yancey
  • John Wallace
  • Melissa Coble
Registered Nurse - Staff Nurse
  • Michelle Edwards
  • Barbara Spencer
  • Kimberly McKnight
  • Edna Ennis
  • Ann Marie Patterson-Powell
  • Juli Pankow
Registered Nurse - PN Educator
  • Lora Bartlett

Questions? Contact Chandra Graves at Election using the Contact Us Form or (919) 782-3211 ext. 232 .

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