Medication Aide Curriculum
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Certification as Registered Nurse Instructor

  1. Have a current, unrestricted license to practice as a Registered Nurse in North Carolina or have multi-state licensure privilege
  2. Have had at least two (2) years of practice experience as a Registered Nurse that includes medication administration
  3. Have successfully completed a 16 hour instructor training program approved by the Board and provided by a Medication Aide Master Teacher
  4. Maintain Board of Nursing certification as a Medication Aide Instructor (must be renewed every two (2) years at the time of Registered Nurse license renewal)

Process of applying for Medication Aide Instructor Certification

  1. Completion of a Medication Aide Course taught by a Board-approved Medication Aide Master Teacher
  2. Complete the Application to Register for the Registered Nurse Medication Aide Instructor Course this application must be submitted to the instructor, NOT the North Carolina Board of Nursing
  3. Complete the Medication Aide Registered Nurse Instructor Certification application (to be signed by Master Teacher) after passing the 16 hour training program
  4. Submit the application with $25.00 administrative fee to address on application

The North Carolina Board of Nursing will send a certification letter, which includes the Instructor Identification Number, to Medication Aide Registered Nurse Instructor.

Last Changed 28-Dec-2022

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