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Purpose: The purpose of the “Just Culture” program is to provide a mechanism for Nursing Education Program faculty and the regulatory board to come together to develop a culture that promotes learning from student practice errors while properly assigning accountability for behaviors and consistently evaluating events.

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Human Error – nurse inadvertently, unintentionally did something other than intended or other than what should have been done; a slip, a lapse, or an honest mistake. Human errors are not reportable events.

At Risk Behavior – nurse makes a behavioral choice that increases risk; mistakenly believed risk to be justified; nurse does not appreciate risk; or unintentional risk taking; At Risk Behaviors may or may not be reportable events. Consultation with an North Carolina Board of Nursing Practice Consultant assists employers and nurse leaders in determining the need for a Board report.

Reckless Behavior – nurse makes the choice to consciously disregard a substantial and unjustifiable risk. The nurse’s action or inaction is intentional and purposeful. The nurse puts own self/personal interest above that of the client, organization, or others. Reckless Behaviors require mandatory report to the Board.

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