Reinstatement Following Discipline
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Individuals seeking reinstatement or endorsement of a nursing license who have had prior Board action resulting in suspension/surrender of the license; those with criminal conviction history; or those with action pending or action taken in another jurisdiction; may be required to appear before the Board’s Licensure Review Panel (LRP) to petition for a North Carolina license.

The role of the Licensure Review Panel is to determine whether or not the petitioner seeking licensure has demonstrated sufficient evidence to the panel members to show that they are now safe and competent to re-enter the practice of nursing. This is an informal meeting and no sworn testimony is taken. The petitioner must submit a written request to appear before the panel. Once this request has been received, the petitioner will be sent a packet outlining the information they will need to present in order to be considered for reinstatement or endorsement.

Last Changed 20-Jul-2017

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